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Quran Home Tutor

Quran Home Tutor

Quran home tutor in the world wide presenting services.  QuranHomeTutor.com is a branch of the Madrassa Markazi Darul Qurra. The madrassa is a well-known and established center for Quranic teachings. And religious upbringing. It was build by Ustadul-Qurra Qari Fayyaz-ur-Rehman Alavi in 1969. You may recognize the founder’s name as he was also an honorary member of the national assembly. Madrassa Markazi Darul Qurra is record by the Ministry of education. By the Government of Pakistan.
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Madrassa Markazi Darul Qurraem powers individuals with the power of Qurras. Ttaught by expert teachers. Quran Home Scholar rapport is further cemented by our participants winning national . And international recitation competitions. The Quran department educates millions of Muslims worldwide by providing accessible . And virtual access to Islamic centers.


Quran Home Tutor | Why should you enroll your child at Quran Home Private Teacher?

Quran Home department head offers the following services
  • Reading and learning Quran courses for children. And adults to aid in spiritual growth.
  • The Quran teachers are available to teach Quran 24/7. We facilitate separate gender classes for males and females for parda purposes.
  • The students can schedule to learn Quran anytime by simply logging on. It is up to Quran Home Tutor to provide competent teachers at the requested time.
  • Students simply need a headset, a personal computer. And a stable internet connection to learn to recite Quran.

Quran Home Tutor Which courses does Quran Residence Mentor ?

Quran home demonstrator  offers the following courses presently. However, we are expected to expand our course portfolio

Quran Home Tutor Elementary Courses at Quran Home Instructor


Qaida means learning the basics of the Arabic language. It involves recitation and pronunciation of the Quranic alphabets.


The act of learning how to recite the Quran properly is called Nazira. It is every Muslim’s responsibility to do it justice.


Quran Home Assistant
also emphasizes the students read the Quran with proper pronunciation and rules as proposed by Qirat.


Quran Home Coach
also offers to memorize Quran for children and adults. It is the highest religious honor in this temporary world.

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Quran Home Tutor Courses for Qurras

Quran Home Coach is proudly providing Husn-e-Qirat services. The course trains in Quran recitation in different styles of Qurra.

Specialized courses for Adults

Translation of Quran

Translation of the Quran in Urdu or English helps us understand its simple instructions toward our lifestyle. We can differentiate between right and wrong to please our Lord.

Arabic Language

Have you taken an interest in learning another language? Contact Quran Home Tutor to begin Arabic courses to open new professional doors.

Urdu Language

Learn your mother and national language of Urdu in a professional setting with academically qualified teachers.


Learn to recite the Quran perfectly.

40 Hadiths

Learn the Hadiths of our Holy Prophet PBUH with their explanations and applications in present modern time scenarios.

Learning to pray, duas, and perform absolution.

The Criteria for tutors at Quran Home Lecturer

    • They have extensive knowledge of Tarteel and Tajweed.

      • All the teachers hired to teach Quran recitation are Hafiz-e-Quran.
      • Every teacher is familiar  with the recitation rules.
      • Quran teachers are also university graduates from top educational institutions.
      • The teachers have an excellent literary command in English. Urdu, and Arabic to provide lectures and communicate with the students.
      • Quran teachers are very highly motivated. Given the complications present in teaching the Quran online.
      • The classes are student-centered. The lesson planning will not move forward unless every student. Is in command of the present academic requirements.

Can your child correctly read & learn Quran?

More than 20,000 individuals have graduated as huffaz, qurraz. And ulema from Madrassa Markazi Darul Qurra. If you wish to be one of them, enroll at Quran Home Tutor by sending a message on WhatsApp to +923111182233. For further information. visit https://iqravirtualschool.com/ to learn more. About scheduling and screen sharing software for Quran classes.