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Quran, How to Teach Quran Online?

We cannot be successful Muslims without learning to recite and understanding Quran. The Holy Book is the embodiment of our religion and its practice, so lets learn more about it through an online class that has been recently introduced.

Quran Orientation

The first lesson of teaching the Quran online is fundamentally an orientation.

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  Most students may have never attended an online class ever! Even if they have attended a class, Quran online classes are still very rare to come by. Therefore, an orientation will help familiarize the students so they may decide whether to continue or not.

When the Quran classes start, invest in the first 20 to 30 minutes introducing the platform’s tools. Skype or Zoom or a custom platform helps the students understand the techniques they will need to use when learning to recite Quran online or its Tafseer.

Quran-Related Handbook

Once you have introduced the students to the tools and techniques of the online platform, distribute them a handbook. The handbook is a representation of the Quran online class you will be teaching. The book will entertain the students regarding the objective of the class and the teacher’s credentials too. It will undoubtedly appease the parents since teaching Quran is very dear to practice every practicing Muslim.

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The booklet will also contain the assumptions for the lessons. It can mention the fee structure and whether or not the teachers will provide extra classes. The guidebook can also mention the fee structure to facilitate the parents thoroughly.


Quran studies are a very broad aspect. Therefore, in online Quran classes, the students must be taught adab alongside recitation and pronunciation of the Quranic language. Religious education may be very intimidating to a few. However, with expert knowledge and extensive teaching experience, the teachers and students will flourish together.

Focus on the first five to ten minutes of the class on adab. It will set the right tone and attitude of the students toward the class. The teachers will also have ease conveying recital complications which will later be reflected in the student’s performances where they will not take the class for granted.

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Class Log

Maintaining a detailed log of each student helps update the teacher and studentsthemselves regarding their performance. The teacher is advised to choose either Excel sheets or Google sheets to provide homework, note down performance in online Quran class, and update the parents’ performance. The teacher can also list the lesson content if necessary.

The log will be accessible by students, parents, and teachers. However, only the teacher may edit it. The credentials will not be shared with anyone as that can create sensitive security issues and manipulation based on favoritism or biased approach toward a student.

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Cloud-Based Learning

When the teacher is teaching online and the student is learning online, information is stored remotely. Since books are also available on the cloud, students can simply scroll and mark and make notes on the side. The feature will save time as students do not need to go back and forth on physical books.

Furthermore, the feature also facilitates the teachers since they do not need to carry their material everywhere. Quran teachers can create notes and save them to the cloud. They can also edit and distribute them to the children.

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May Allah bless us all in our academic journeys.