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Free online tutoring ,we help kids from under served communities unlock their own potential by connecting them with exceptional tutors online, for free. Figure out how To Be is a 501c3 non-benefit bringing free, 1-on-1, internet coaching to under served youth around world.online tutoring

Our Vision Free online tutoring why?

We are offering free online tutoring. We need to experience a daily reality such that all children approach incredible training — in addition to those whose families can manage the cost of one. Aim to help the kid belong to a poor family want to learn world class tutoring but can not afford it.We are available that kind of deserved needy kid.Because our aim is best education. Best education makes future bright.

To Safe Losing Education Of Your Kid Why Free Online Tutoring We Offering?

It’s nice to meet you all right  great so we’ll just be doing a little we tutor kids all the way from

kindergarten up to thirteen (13) grade.In math reading writing science social

Studies all subjects etc. That’s great also we have  expanded into English speaking language instruction course as a second language. And we’re now offering computer courses. We read the news papers, saw issues, observed a lot and we saw many articles to coming about out about the learning losses due to covid. And in those articles they were talking about how this our generation could be severely.

Decide To Help By Free Online Tutoring

Set back due to all the learning loss. And we and found that  very troubling so we decided to use our windfall of free time during shutdown to create intuitively.

Doing  Support By Free Online Tutoring

Which is an organisation dedicated to providing that educational support  and fixing the issues caused in  education by the pandemic.So this is our website in www.iqravirtualschool.com and  the first thing you’ll see  is i want to become a student or i want to become a tutor. We very quickly grew from just a local  organisation to one that’s now national and international.

World Wide Supporting Free Online Tutoring

Thanks to our social media outreach efforts and the spread of word of mouth. We are now in 29 states and three other

Countries. We also have a writing tutors here from  Tennessee so we can match the mall right great that’s a good match. We will send the introduction email or by zoom classes etc. Yes intuitively is a matchmaking service we connect our tutors

with our students. So currently we have about 789 tutors and around 590 students. How we have been working with our enrolled  students like what are.what are some tactics We like to incorporate different interests. That they have into their lessons.

Free Online Tutoring Making Future Best Of Poor Kid

So one of our students is really into future leader.In the book so we like to have them and we taught them speech and debate. So we gave speeches on becoming future leader by getting good education. That’s so a great way to combine

Their  interests with the subject matter.We have a good amount for such students  go to school with us.

With us compete on the speech and debate team together.so when our enrolled students they first started the

Organization they recruited us  as one of their first.our tutors so  high was that we have had five sessions with other countries.

Full Friendly Support Available

Full Friendly Support Available In Free Online Tutoring. And i think in the beginning they was kind of like hesitant they wasn’t like super engaged. It was like kind of

Awkward but now we are  getting more into it. That’s great to hear  as a suggestion. Sometimes the main way we connect with them is through our weekly meetings. We have these meetings every Sunday it’s really helpful  to get different ideas and inspirations from other tutors. For example one tutor shared that they actually give a joke to their student before every meeting.and i thought that was a great idea so now i do that with our students.and we  also think that sharing resources

Is really important.so today we’ll start with some division problems like we normally do to warm students up. So let us pull those up we try to do this by our self. Okay perfect just let us know when you are done our tutor  our students  right now and we are  also in  the process of getting in touch with a parent of a third student. So we think the answer is remainder one

Perfect that’s exactly right one of our students.

Presenting Free Help Services By  In Pandemic COVID Situation

Kids at home during pandemic is extremely challenging and on top of that. We have a full-time job to serve free online tutoring in the world wide. So we have to provide for kids take care of them give them all enough attention and do our job on top of it. A example we have signed up Alec for intuitively back in June and from the very beginning. That poor needy students was very impressed with this program so let’s try solve another problem. The students have learnt  so many lessons and their willingness to learn. And their in how engaged they (students) are inspired us to do the same in our life.as well hi Henry so today we’re going to be looking at your writing sample.

Happiness And Success For All Kid

I think that Alex and i have benefited a lot from our education and i think it’s time for us to give back. And that’s really what intuit really is us and all our high school volunteers giving back to the community. And giving back to the students who need it the most. He could not fly but he could walk with you. Happiness and success for all kid.

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