An Argument On Online Tutoring

Accordingly the education sector is also adopting digital technology. With the evolution of high-speed internet and computers. Thus the term is called digital literacy, which is performed through online tutoring. Continue reading to learn more about it.

Advantages of online tutoring


Flexible schedule

Online tutoring is also very convenient because it is available in the palm of your hands. Tutors in the digital capacity will be available with a few clicks. The students can inquire about anything they please. The schedule is also very flexible, which accommodates the student and the teacher.
Even so online tutoring is accessible from the comfort of the couch, resting on the bed, or studying on the patio. Furthermore, when students take part in online learning, the pace is customizable. Especially the intelligent students can move onto the advanced stuff. Still without worrying about leaving the rest of the class behind.

Competent teachers

Moreover the teachers hired to lead online education. Are masters and leaders in their profession. They have the academic credentials, diplomas, and training to provide quality teaching. These individuals will not compromise the integrity of the education. Of course system because the class is “online.”
The teachers have walked down the same path as students and can relate to their struggles. The teachers can also identify the shortcomings. Without having the students talk about them. Empathy builds a close relationship between the student. and teacher based on mutual respect and understanding. Trust goes a long way in guiding the students. A feature foreign toinexperienced teachers.

Tutors are always available

Online tutors are available 24/7. The students only have to log onto the platform and begin their learning process. If they wish, the students can also schedule a tutoring session in advance. The feature helps the students learn from the same tutor.
You will discover once momentum is built. The children will actually look forward to their lessons. They will complete the assignments on time,. Prepare for tests, and seek clarifications for their confusion. Such features are not available in physical classes. Where the teachers are responsible for leading the whole class, not one student.

Drawbacks of online tutoring


Limited scale

Online tutoring involves technology where children may develop limited skills. The children are restrained to using headsets, a microphone, and a computer. There is no physical library or lab equipment to experiment with. Furthermore, the internet may not always be a reliable connection. It may breakdown at the most unfortunate times.

Still in the primary scale

How do you expect the children to learn chemistry or biology online? The children cannot concoct or dissect animals to learn more about their subject. Online tutoring does not accommodate advanced subjects. As they are more suitable for accommodating at primary levels. The students may develop the theoretical aspect without having any practical skills.


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Wrapping up

Every subject arrives with its advantages and disadvantages. But, that does not mean we should solely rely on physical classes or online tutoring. Iqra Virtual School aims to overcome these challenges. And barriers to learning so our young generation. May flourish and become educated leaders.
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