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Quran Home Tutor

Quran Home Tutor Quran home tutor in the world wide presenting services.  QuranHomeTutor.com is a branch of the Madrassa Markazi Darul Qurra. The madrassa is a well-known and established center for Quranic teachings. And religious upbringing. It was build by Ustadul-Qurra Qari Fayyaz-ur-Rehman Alavi in 1969. You may recognize the founder’s name as he was […]

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Classes | What Is It Like To Attend Classes At Iqra Virtual School?

Online education can seem very intimidating. The question everyone asks is about the qualities of an online course. Regardless of the subject. Thus, today, we must discuss how the parents can identify quality online classes. From subpar student-teacher interaction. Classes Diverse presence Iqra Virtual School maintains the principles of quality. And fairness in the purpose

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Stages of Learning

The Stages of Learning at Iqra Virtual School Stages of learning at your door step in the worldwide. Are you concerned about how an online school will convey and transfer to your young children? Let us introduce the three-stage process by Iqra Virtual School. The break-up proposes quality education and a more than likely substitute

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Quran, How to Teach Quran Online?

Quran, How to Teach Quran Online? We cannot be successful Muslims without learning to recite and understanding Quran. The Holy Book is the embodiment of our religion and its practice, so lets learn more about it through an online class that has been recently introduced. Quran Orientation The first lesson of teaching the Quran online

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How to Focus in Online Classes?

Online classes were introduced because of the coronavirus pandemic to protect young minds and their health. However, it seems the trend of online education is here to stay. Hence, we present the following few techniques to maintain your focus.   Online Classes Consistently attend classes  Online classes we cannot ignore the cause that attending physical

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