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List of 20 Best International Schools in Ajman, UAE

Ajman, UAE, is home to a distinguished array of international schools that cater to its diverse and dynamic community. These schools offer a variety of global curricula, including British, American, IB, and Indian, providing students with a rich educational experience that prepares them for global challenges. Known for their high academic standards, these institutions are dedicated to fostering an environment of comprehensive learning and multicultural understanding, making them some of the best choices for international education in the region.

Best International Schools in Ajman, UAE

East Point Indian International School

East Point Indian International School offers a robust CBSE curriculum, focusing on holistic education that nurtures students from kindergarten to high school. The school emphasizes academic excellence and character development in a multicultural environment.

Website: East Point Indian International School

Address: Al Hamidiya, Ajman, UAE

Al Ameer English School

Al Ameer English School provides a nurturing learning environment from KG to Grade 12, following the CBSE curriculum. The school aims to blend traditional values with modern learning tools, preparing students for global success.

Website: Al Ameer English School

Address: Al Jerf 2, Ajman, UAE

International Indian School

International Indian School in Ajman delivers a comprehensive education under the CBSE and Indian Curriculum, offering classes from KG to Grade 12. The school is committed to fostering an environment of academic achievement and innovative learning.

Website: International Indian School

Address: Al Jerf 2, Ajman, UAE

Habitat School, Al Tallah

Habitat School at Al Tallah is known for its commitment to integrating Indian curriculum standards with global competencies, serving students from KG to middle school. The school focuses on creating a sustainable educational environment that promotes lifelong learning.

Website: Habitat School, Al Tallah

Address: Al Tallah, Ajman, UAE

The Royal Academy

The Royal Academy in Ajman offers a CBSE curriculum up to Grade 12, with a focus on empowering students through a diverse and challenging educational program. The academy is dedicated to nurturing future leaders with strong ethical and moral values.

Website: The Royal Academy

Address: Al Hamidiya 1, Ajman, UAE.

Woodlem Park School

Woodle Park School offers a CBSE and Integrated Curriculum from KG to Grade XII, emphasizing a balance between traditional learning methodologies and modern educational technology to equip students for future challenges.

Website: Woodle Park School

Address: Al Jurf, Ajman, UAE

The Bloomington Academy

The Bloomington Academy is Ajman’s first British curriculum school, serving students from Grade 1 to XII. It adopts the CAIE and UK EYFS Curriculum, focusing on nurturing critical thinking and global citizenship among its students.

Website: The Bloomington Academy

Address: Al Bustan, Ajman, UAE

Ajman Academy

Ajman Academy offers a diverse and enriched education with its IB and CAIE curricula, from Pre-KG to Grade XII. The school is dedicated to fostering international mindedness and a comprehensive, inquiry-based educational approach.

Website: Ajman Academy

Address: Al Mwaihat 2, Ajman, UAE

Delhi Private School

Delhi Private School in Ajman delivers an esteemed CBSE curriculum, enriching students’ educational journeys from LKG to Grade XII with a focus on holistic development. The school aims to cultivate excellence in academic and extracurricular pursuits among its students.

Website: Delhi Private School

Address: Ajman, UAE

Habitat School, Al Jerf

Habitat School at Al Jerf provides a robust CBSE and Indian Curriculum from KG to XII. The school focuses on developing students’ intellectual and emotional growth, ensuring a well-rounded education rooted in cultural values.

Website: Habitat School, Al Jerf

Address: Al Jerf 2, Ajman, UAE.

City School Ajman

City School in Ajman provides a rich CBSE curriculum from KG to Grade X. It focuses on fostering a strong academic foundation alongside moral and ethical values. The school is known for its commitment to nurturing young minds to become responsible and knowledgeable individuals.

Website: City School Ajman

Address: Al Tallah 2, Ajman, UAE

Frontline International Private School

Frontline International Private School offers a comprehensive education from KG to Grade VIII, adhering to the British Curriculum. The school aims to blend rigorous academic standards with a nurturing environment to develop students into critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

Website: Frontline International Private School

Address: Al Tallah 2, Ajman, UAE

British International School Ajman

British International School in Ajman delivers a curriculum based on the National Curriculum for England from KG to Grade XII. It is committed to providing a challenging educational program that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction.

Website: British International School Ajman

Address: Al Nuaimia, Ajman, UAE

Scholars International Academy

Scholars International Academy in Ajman provides an enriching educational experience that combines the British Curriculum with an international perspective, serving students from early years through to secondary levels. The academy emphasizes a holistic approach to education, preparing students to be global citizens.

Website: Scholars International Academy

Address: Scholars Lane, Ajman, UAE

Ajman Modern School

Ajman Modern School offers a diverse curriculum that combines American and UAE standards from KG to Grade XII. The school supports its students with modern facilities and a focus on technology integration to enhance learning and prepare them for the future.

Website: Ajman Modern School

Address: Al Bustan, Ajman, UAE